Priority Considerations:

In view of funding limitations and the need to optimize resources:

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Priority Areas:

Industry/Sector under Small Enterprises Technology Upgrading
Program (SET-UP)

Other Areas

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Scope of Assistance:

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Who can avail of the assistance?

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Operating Procedures for STEVPP:

  1. Interested group or clients submit their requests to the Office of the Regional Director, DOST 7 containing the following

    a. type of technical assistance needed
    b. proposed date of the activity
    c. venue
    d. potential beneficiaries
    e. expertise required

    For requests covering Regions 6 and 8, letter request may be submitted directly to the Office of the Regional Director, DOST VI and Office of the Regional Director, DOST VIII, respectively.

    Letter request must be submitted as much as possible two weeks before the proposed date of the activity.

  2. STEVPP provides the matching and networking of experts across the country vis-à-vis the technical requirement of the requesting party.

  3. DOST 7 Regional Director approves requests for assistance received by DOST 7. For requests submitted directly to the Office of the Regional Director, DOST 6 and Office of the Regional Director, DOST 8, the respective Regional Director may approve such requests.

  4. For non-within DOST system experts, the requesting party may be required to advance the expert's travel expenses which will be reimbursed to them upon submission of the required documents.

  5. Once approved, STEVPP processes necessary travel papers.

  6. Volunteer expert is deployed in site.

  7. Volunteer expert submits within ten working days form the date of travel an accomplishment report containing the activities undertaken, number of participants and recommendation after each assignment. The report may also include problems encountered during the activity to avoid and if possible, eliminate similar problems in the future.

  8. Volunteer expert liquidates travel expenses within ten working days of completion of the travel. He/she should submit the following documents after his/her assignment:

    a. used ticket
    b. certificate of appearance
    c. certificate of travel completed
    d. copy of paper/lecture presented

    Expert who fails to liquidate his/her travel expenses within the deadline will be considered delinquent and will be blacklisted from the pool.

  9. Requesting party submits activity report on the results of the assistance undertaken. This should be accompanied by pictures to support the report to be submitted two weeks after the completion of the activity.

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Criteria for Availment of STEVPP Assistance:

Relevance to the program's priorities -
Impact to economic development
Poverty alleviation Employment generation Food security
Potential Beneficiaries
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Farmers Cooperative members Unemployed Individuals Local Government Unit Professional group/association



(To qualify for the assistance, a score of at least 80% must be obtained.)

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