What is STEVPP?

The S&T Experts Volunteer Pool was launched by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in support of the Comprehensive Technology Transfer and Commercialization (CTTC) Program. The STEVP program brings scientists and experts where they are needed --> countryside. Experts are made availble for free for very short term technical assistance. In July 1999, the Department of Science and Technology - Visayas Cluster was chosen and funded by TAPI to directly implement the program in Regions VI, VII, and VIII. It operates through the following strategies:

1. Harnesing available expertise within the country's scientific and academic communities and professional societies;

2. Linking technology generators directly with user; and

3. Mobilizing S & T human resources in the private sector to facilitate technology transfer and commercialization.


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1. To provide technical assistance for the effective transfer, assimilation, and commercialization of technologies in the countryside;

2.To facilitate the tapping of skills and expertise of both active and fetired S & T experts.

3.To increase accessibility of S & T expert advisory services in all parts of the country.

Who Can Volunteer?

Scientists / researchers / engineers affiliated with colleges and universities, private industries and research institutions and who are acknowledged specialists in their fields.

How To Avail?

LGUs, SCUs, cooperatives, NGOs and other interested parties may submit STEVP requests for short term technical assistance to the Program Coordinators. The request should contain the following:

1. Type of technical ssistance needed

2. Proposed date of the activity

3. Proposed venue

4. Potential beneficiary/ies

5. Expertise required

DOST Visayas Cluster provides the matching of experts across the country vis-a-vis the technical requirement of the requesting party
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Areas of Assistance and Duration

I. Agriculture

II. Fishery

III. Forestry

IV. Metals and Mechanical Engineering

V. Energy

VI. Food and Feeds Processing

VII. Chemicals, Plastics, Industrial Minerals, Polymers and Pharmaceuticals

VIII. Science/Technology Curriculum and Materials Development

IX. Industrial Engineering

X. Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Normally 3-5 days depending largely on specific needs. Continuous involvement of the volunteer experts in the project maybe required after due assessment aand evaluation of their overall contribution to the program. In cases requiring short term assignments or special detail of the expert, as in expected exchange of expertise among SCUs, specific arrangements with respective heads of institutions concerned wil be made.

Travelling Expenses and Report

DOST Visayas Custer provides the volunteer expert's plane and othertransportation expenses, porterage and terminal fees, including insurance coverage for then duration of their assignment. Requesting parties should provide for the expert's food, accomodation and in-land travel expenses while on site.